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The Bioloid Premium Kit

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The Bioloid Premium Kit has everything needed to build one of the top performing humanoid robots available today. Lightning quick moves really set this robot ahead of the pack! The new CM-510 is a much improved version of the tried and true CM-5 Bioloid Controller, complete with the slick new Robo-Plus software that combines the ease of use of 'building-block' style programming with the logic and flow of the 'C' programming language. A 11.1v 3S LiPo battery pack is not only lighter weight, but provides a higher operating voltage which results in stronger & quicker performance from the AX-12+ Robot Servos. The Bioloid Premium Kit brings all of these features along with a slick new aesthetic design, providing one of the most functional and comprehensive humanoid robot kits on the market today!

Humanoids aren't all you can build with this kit! The Bioloid system was designed from the ground up to be completely modular; you can build and rebuild dozens of different robots! There are a total of 29 different robot examples ranging from wheeled robots, hexapods, quadrupeds, robot arms, and multiple bipeds including the top-notch Bioloid Premium Humanoid variants. Builders can stick to the provided examples (that come complete with sample code and assembly instructions) or use what they've learned to build their own custom robots!

  •  Excellent humanoid walking performance (Adjustable posture while walking)
  •  Various?sensors including Gyro, Distance ranger, IR and external IO ports for adding your own sensors
  • Remote control capability (Zigbee wireless included!)
  •  C-Style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB interface included)
  • Transparent humanoid skin for customization
  •  Digital Packet?communication with daisy chain topology
  •  Building various robots using versatile expansion mechanism