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ROBONOVA-I from Korean RC model company Hitec Robotics has created this exciting new humanoid robot that offers educators, students and robotic hobbyists a complete robot package.?Available as a kit, so you can enjoy building your robot yourself.Your ROBONOVA-I kit was designed for?in 6 to 8 hours using only a screwdriver. Anyone with basic technical skills?assemble the RN1.

The simplest way to program ROBONOVA-1 is with the “catch and play” function. Using RoboScript or RoboBasic, just move the robot into any position and click the mouse to “capture” that position. Move the robot into another position and repeat the process. The software then links these “captured” positions and once activated, smoothly transitions the robot’s movements through these programmed positions.

ROBONOVA-1 can be retrofitted with several accessory modules and ancillary items to customize its functionality. By adding additional servos and brackets, the head and waist can turn and “gripping” hands can be used. Gyros, acceleration sensors, speech functions, R/C control accessories and more can also be added as they become available.

One of the great thing about the Robonova is the community of ?hobbyists that continuously modify and customize their RN1. Popular mods include anything from adding BlueTooth communications, hand grippers and extra custom brackets and servos, to attaching Rollerblades and pinhole cameras.

  • MR-3024 Micro controller board for 24 servos
  • Sixteen digital HSR-8498HB servos
  • Re-chargeable NiMH battery and charger
  • Robo Basic programming software and manual
  • PC Serial port programming interface cable
  • Remocon IR controller