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As a Robotic platform, RoboBuilder offers a very smooth learning curve with Easy Assembly and Visual Programming Tools for Beginners (including Microsoft Robotics Studio and Visual programming). 
Advanced users can take advantage of the .Net programming libraries, Serial Control Protocol (offloading control to a PC) or use WinAVR to build your own Firmware Code (multiple Official and Open Source variants are available to get you started).

  • Multiple Robot Shapes -- The RoboBuilder comes with 16 Actuators (DoF) and can be built into a variety of shapes. By default it can be built into a Humanoid, a Dinosaur or a Quadpod (Dog) but with the joint-assembly system you can quickly redesign and prototype a robot into any shape you can imagine.
    With the Hexapod Extension Kit you get 2 extra DoF enabling the assembly of a Hexapod.
  • Joint Assembly System for Easy and? Reliable Assembly --?The patented Joint Assembly System allows for rapid assembly of the Robot (ideal for Beginners), while being robust enough to handle the most demanding motions.
    It also enables rapid prototyping of other robot shapes, ideal for experimenting and extending the Robot.
  • Sensorial -- Distance Sensor + Acceleration Sensor + Sound Sensor
    The RoboBuilder comes with a Built in Microprocessor and can be fitted with 3 different types of Sensors: Sound Detection, Distance Sensing / Obstacle Detection and Acceleration Sensor (detecting Gravity).
    This Red Edition from RoboSavvy includes the Full Sensor Pack (all 3 sensors): the Sound Sensor will detect Loud Sounds, the Distance Sensor will let you avoid obstacles while the Acceleration Sensor detects when your Robot falls. 
    Red Edition Robots are also capable of automatically getting up whenever they detect falling (just press "#" + STOP to enable "Auto get up mode") or you can write your own custom behaviours to react to sensorial input.
    Behaviours depending on Sensorial input can vary from waiving at people passing, walking around avoiding obstacles, reacting to Loud Sounds, etc. These can be created using multiple tools available (from Beginner to Advanced): the User Friendly ActionBuilder software for Beginners and for Advanced user the .Net Libraries and Serial Control Protocol.